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Aurialite Gaming is an idea that has been in the heads of our authors for a long time, we went through several months of planning phase and finally committed to launching on the 10th of September 2017.

We are a new game journalism/news website based in Malaysia. Our content includes gaming news, reviews, tech coverage and setup tours. As of right now, we’re only covering gaming news around the world. Our future content includes writing opinionated reviews based on games that our writers have played, writing room tour/setup diaries and we plan to run contest and giveaways for the best setups, and more!

Let’s get to introducing ourselves starting with main authors of the site:
Author: Lexus Gan
Pen name/IGN: LexusMetro

First found the passion of gaming at the age of 5, playing his first games on the original Game Boy Color and the passion of gaming has sky rocketed since. He has dedicated most of his time and money ensuring that he has the optimal/cleanest setup for both himself and his girlfriend. This author will generally cover topics around RPG-games, setups and sometimes, conducting interviews.

Author: Jeff Tan
Pen name/IGN: Trinity

Been an avid gamer since the early days of Ragnarok Online where players had to pay monthly for access cards. He’s currently an avid player PC Gamer, spending time mostly on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Warframe and League of Legends and Destiny 2. His other interest includes searching for- and reading visual novels. This author will mostly be covering topics in relation to PC Gaming and News.

Author: Xwei
Pen name/IGN: iXyl

His gaming life began the same way as many children of the 90s, starting with playing games PC, Game Boys and PlayStation 1 & 2. Currently undertaking a Finance major, he spends all his money building a gaming PC to sate his thirst for gaming. Even with limited time available to him, he still tries his best to get the most out of his games. He identify himself as a casual gamer, currently most active on mobile games and Dota2. This author will generally cover topic related to mobile gaming news.

Co-author: Brenda Bong
Pen name/IGN: Daydreamerlinx

Into all kinds of art, anime, manga and figurines! First anime watched was Slam Dunk and fell in love with anime. She then took an interest in collecting anime figurines. After meeting her boyfriend, she has gotten more exposure to games and grew a passion playing video games. She’s generally a passionate casual gamer who enjoys exploring a game world rather than being competitive. This author will be mostly covering on figurines-related news and game reviews.

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