Steam’s Weeklong deals includes STEINS;GATE and Osiris: New Dawn

This week in Steam’s weeklong deals includes 430 games. Most notably are 50% off of STEINS;GATE (now RM32.50) and 33% off of Osiris: New Dawn (now RM31.49).

STEINS;GATE is a visual novel that garnered a lot of attention and has an Anime adaptation that is also known as STEINS;GATE. It is developed and published by Mages Inc., and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews everywhere.

Osiris: New Dawn is an Early Access multiplayer survival game on steam where you handle your resources to ensure your safety and survival. It is developed by Fenix Fire Entertainment and published by Reverb Triple XP.

In addition to weeklong deals, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is 50%, (now RM79), and Nier: Automata is 35% off, (now RM161.85). All of these are great sames so be sure to get your hands on them before the deals are over!

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