Okami HD coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC!

Okami was a fan favorite game first released on PS2 in 2002. A HD version dubbed Okami HD was then remade and released on the PS3 in October 2012. Both versions of Okami has garnered very positive reviews. Capcom previously announced on Famitsu that Okami HD would also be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Japan on December 13. Capcom has officially confirmed today that Okami HD will also be available in Europe and the US (which probably means Malaysia as well) on December 12 and supports 4K graphics on all platforms. It is priced at US$19.99 (~RM80-RM85). Capcom also mentioned that players get to pick between playing on classic 4:3 ratio or modern widescreen ratio and they are bringing back interactive mini-games in the loading screen from the original games. These mini-games can earn players bonus items in-game.

Here is the trailer by Capcom featuring the beautiful game (Okami HD) re-released on current gen consoles!

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