Nintendo Direct Sep 13th, 2017 – Switch Bundle, Amiibo and more!

During Nintendo Direct today, the preview kicked off with Nintendo 3DS news, followed by updates and announcements of games coming to Nintendo Switch at the end of year 2017. Nintendo shared a lot of new details about upcoming bundles and amiibos that the fans will definitely look forward to

Pokemon Poke Ball Edition New 2DS XL Console.

01-1505340502848 - IGN

New Pokemon-themed 2DS XL system features two main colours, red and white, resembling a Pokeball. The Poke Ball Edition 2DS XL will arrive in stores on November 3, just in time for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon that will be released on November 17.

New orange and white version of the 2DS XL are also announced during the Direct, which will launch on October 6. However, the Pikachu Edition 2DS XL Console will only be available in Japan.

New Mario Odyssey Switch Bundle.

01-1505342904493.pngThe hardware bundle includes a copy of the Super Mario Odyssey game, a pair of red Joy-Con controllers, and a Super Mario Odyssey-themed Switch carrying case.

Nintendo also revealed a wedding-themed trio of Super Mario Odyssey amiibo which will be available on the same day as the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, October 27.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s Champions Amiibo.

zelda-botw-champion-amiibo -  nintendoinsider.jpgThese figures are based on the four champions from Breath of the Wild; Daruk, Mipha, Urbosa, and Revali, which will be available on November 10. These characters will play a major role in the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild second DLC expansion, the Champions’ Ballad. By scanning the amiibos, you will be able to unlock helmets based on the Champion’s respective Divine Beast.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Special Edition.

xenoblade-chronicles-2-special-edition-656x369The limited edition includes a copy of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game, an original soundtrack CD, a premium hardbound art book of 220 pages, and a special steel case.

Nintendo also announced a special Xenoblade-themed Switch Pro Controller on December 1, alongside the launch of this title.

Stay tune for more updates on each items!

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