Nintendo Switch’s First MOBA, Arena of Valor

Nintendo has announced on the September Direct that Arena of Valor, a MOBA by Tencent is heading to Nintendo Switch. Tencent is well-known in the MOBA community after bringing ‘League of Legends’ into China, and the development of ‘Honor of Kings‘ (or 王者荣耀 in Chinese). The game now features 35 heroes including tanks, mages, warriors, assassin, marksmen, and more to be play in 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1 modes.






[credit to AppAnnie for China iOS statistic as for September 3]

Arena of Valor is the global release version of ‘HoK’ on mobile. The game itself was known by several names; ‘Garena 傳說對決’ in Taiwan, or ‘Strike of Kings’. Tencent has westernized the characters from ‘HoK‘ in the global version, without changing their core gameplay mechanics. In other words, a Chinese gamer and a Western gamer might choose two characters with different names, appearances, and skills, but find themselves having the same experience while playing the game.

Tencent has also partnered with Warner Bros. and DC entertainment to bring comic heroes into the game. Batman is now available in the game as an assassin that is equivalent to Prince of Lan Ling of ‘HoK‘(or 兰陵王 in Chinese)Capture2.PNG

A beta for Arena of Valor will launch on Switch for free this winter. Players may try out the game in mobile platform if you can’t wait for the Switch release!

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