After playing PUBG for a long time, you’ll probably hear your teammates name drop the term ReShade before. ReShade is a post processing injector for games developed by Crosire. It improves the appearance of the game by sharpening and brightening the visuals. Also if you’re worried you might get banned, you wont as PUBG approved it themselves!


Well, lets get into it. Here are the steps

  • Download ReShade from the website.
  • Select the location of your gamereshade2.jpg
  • Reply yes to the prompt  “Do you wish to download a collection of standard effect from github.”
  • Uncheck All on the list of shaders
  • Choose the ones that you are interested in. ( Some of us in Auralite Gaming use Vibrance and LumaSharpen )
  • Install the shaders and exit the install window.
  • Open Reshade by pressing Shift + F2
  • Go through the tutorial
  • Set you own profile and you’re done!

Now you’ll be able to spot and snipe your enemies from a far way easier!

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