New Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Poster & New Pokedex!

As updated by @karubiimunomono on Twitter, an anonymous user has posted a new poster of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS Pokemon game. From the poster, we can see Alola’s starters final evolution form featured behind the player characters, alongside Lillie in her ponytail hairstyle, holding a poke ball in her hand. Gladion, Nebby, Hau and the two legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala are also featured in the poster. As updated in our previous post, the bottom of the poster features the release date and other bonuses that comes with pre-ordering the game.


In conjunction with the game’s release, player may find detailed walk through about the adventures in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s Official Strategy Guide! The official strategy guide provides a Pokemon List of new Alola Pokedex, where to find items, advanced battle strategies, and more. A bonus hinted is an official Alola region pullout map, showing every island in the Alolan region. The guide is going to be released on November 24, 2017.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Edition: The Official National Pokedex



The official Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon National Pokedex book will give you details on where to find all known Pokemon species in Alola and covers the National Dex as well.

Are you excited with all the collections that Nintendo is about to release for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon?

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