League of Legends Preseason 2018

Riot has decided to change the core gameplay in Season 8, removing the cap level, merging IP with Blue Essence and etc. The runes and masteries are now combined into one single system. Summoners may choose two from a selection of 5 Paths , which are similar to  Mastery Trees from previous seasons. The Paths are:

  • Domination icon Domination
  • Inspiration icon Inspiration
  • Resolve icon Resolve
  • Sorcery icon Sorcery
  • Precision icon Precision

During the preseason, the Dev teams is going to rework the reward system by removing the level cap and instead, summoners will receive an unlocked chest whenever they gain a level, exclusive reward like emotes for a higher milestone. Blue Essence is replacing everything that has a cost with IP. The conversion are as below:

A limited time Blue Essence Store will be opened when the preseason IP conversion is done. Ward skins, chromas and Urfwick skin can be redeemed by IP as well.


Lets relearn and experiment with the game like a first timer once more!

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