Monster Hunter: World Release Date, Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition PS4 Pro announced!

Monster Hunter: World is going to be a multi-platform game, releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With Sony kicking off Tokyo Games Show 2017 on 18th September, fresh details of the game, a new trailer, and a worldwide release date has been announced.

Alongside the Monster Hunter: World standard edition, there will also be a deluxe digital edition and a collectors edition; which includes an art book, game’s soundtrack and a statue of the game’s flagship beast, named “Nerurigigantei” and a sleek, snazzy box to house everything in it.

Capcom has set the game’s worldwide release date to 26th January, 2018 for PS4 and XBox One, PC players would have to wait a little longer as no release date has been announced yet.

Sony have announced that there will also be a Monster Hunter: World-themed PS4 Pro console to be released.

set 2-noscale

With this set of limited Monster Hunter World themed console, you will get a PlayStation 4 Pro featuring fire dragon “Rioleus” from the “Monster Hunter” series printed on the front. The console also comes with a limited edition DUALSHOCK 4 that features a similar theme and the entire set also comes with a free 2 Month PS Plus subscription.

Sony will be releasing this PS4 Pro on the 7th December, 2017. However, it has yet to announce if its going to be shipped worldwide.

Stay tune for more Monster Hunter: World news!

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