Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: New Challenges, New Trial, Surf Up and More!

Photo credit: Pokemon Millenium

The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel just posted a new trailer featuring Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon today with the caption “Catch a wave with Mantine, take on a new trials, and discover over 400 Pokémon while you explore in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!” From the trailer, more adventurous activities are being shown that differs and unique from the original Pokemon Sun and Moon game.

The trailer showcased new Island Challenges and Mina’s New Trial, which is given by the Trial Captain of Poni Island who specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon. There will be more than 400 Pokemon appearing in Ultra Sun and Moon such as Tropius, Larvitar, Mareep and more Pokemon from previous gens. The All New Alola Photo Club has been announced, a new in-game hub that allows players to get creative and customize photos in battle style or postcard design to share with friends! In Mantine Surf!, Players can surf between the ocean of Alola island with Mantines and use moves such as Front Flip, Primarina Twist, Left Roll, Gorrebyss Spiral and etc to earn points in the mini game.

Watch the new trailer here!

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