Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7 Gold Features ViReal’s Audio by YAMAHA

In Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has confirmed that they’re working with YAMAHA by implementing ViReal Audio technology into their games, Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition.

So what is ViReal Audio Tech? It is a binaural audio technology for anyone who uses a pair of ViReal or HRTF (Head-related transfer function) support headphones to experience an immersive 3D Sound (Effectively delivering the sound of all 360 degrees). Games like Senua: Hellblade and Battlefield games uses binaural technology as well, but not ViReal. ViReal is being developed by Yamaha and is due for release on January 2018 but Capcom struck a deal with them to use it in both of their games.

Photo credits to ViReal, Yamaha.

ViReal’s surround sound technology is made up of four components. ViReal Mic, ViReal Sound Engine, ViReal Headphones and ViReal Speakers. In a common situation, standard audio technology can differentiate between left and right but they have problems delivering vertical alignment of audio. This is what HRTF audio technologies are trying to solve, delivering realistic audio for a more immersive listening experience. It is also believed that even without built in HRTF technology in the headphones, the tech works better with stereo headphones instead of surround headphones

This might be the most immersive Monster Hunter experience ever. 

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