Skyrim Survival Mode Is Coming

Skyrim is adding weather dangers and hunger into it’s Special Edition on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Colder climate on the map will have the player standing near fire or wearing thicker clothes to avoid freezing to death. Here is a map which is zoned into colder and warmer areas of Skyrim.


Other than the weather, hunger is also a part of the game. If your hunger falls below for too long, your character is going to die. If your character ingest raw food, he/she is going to get sick. Eating cooked food will have a bonus to stats. Other stats such as fatigue will reduce your magicka bar, fast travel has been disabled. The amount that the player can carry has been reduced and to make matters more worse, food has weight as well.

Players can get this mode at Bethesda’s Creation Club and it is available as a beta for PC Players. PS4 and Xbox One players would have to wait. If you get within the first seven days of release it will be free, however, anything after the advertised free for seven days trial would prompt players to pay!

Skyrim players, are you ready to try out the survival mode? 

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