Assassin’s Creed: Origin Tournaire Handcrafted Gold Headphone!

Calling out to Assassin’s Creed’s super fans!

Preparing for the upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed: Origin, Ubisoft store in UK has announced an exclusive headphones for the title and it’s only available in France in limited quantities. Limited to only 10 units for sale to the public, costing about US$60,000 each. (approximately MYR 250,000+)

Introducing the Listen Wireless headphones, featuring Bluetooth from Focal,  supporting a wide range of up to 15 metres at 15-22 kiloHerzts frequency response. The headphone has a battery life of 20 hours and the design features the Assassins Creed logo and it’s built with 18k gold, weighted roughly at about 150 grams.

This Tournaire handcrafted headphone is crafted by a 3D artist, an art caster and a goldsmith.

While it’s only available in France, buyers can buy it through PayPal and if you happen to have that much to spend for a collector’s item, it may be something worth adding to your Assassin’s Creed collection!

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