Playstation Credit Card — A Must Have Card for PS Console Player

Playstation now has their own credit card backed by Visa and Capital One, which offers rewards and perks for gamers. Like any credit cards you can find out there, the Visa mark is at the lower corner, the special of it is that you can customize your card for free with multiple game-inspired designs after you become a card member and create an account at


Rewards will be accumulated from a variety of services and not just paying full price for a download. The points are worth a penny per point, where you can earn fivefold of points when purchasing products of Sony from the online or retail store, triple points earned for monthly phone bills without maximum cap at the moment, and normal points gained on normal consumption.


This card is great for any gamers’ wallet as there are no annual fee charges. 10% discount of Playstation services and 50% discount of Plus membership for the first year when spend over $3,000. As an approval bonus, a $50 Playstation store code will be credited after first purchase.


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