YesOJO — First Portable Projector for Switch

Nintendo Switch is well known for its portability. However, the 6.2-inch small screen is not ideal for multiplayer purposes. YesOJO presents the OJO Portable Projector Dock, which can display up to 120-inches of gameplay onto any surface. The design of the projector resembles the original game dock, in term of measurement and appearance. YesOJO is going to launch its crowdfunding on Indiegogo starting October 24.

The projector features a resolution output of 854*480 pixel at 200 lumens. Though it is no where in being magnificent, the quality of video should be sufficient for gaming even under normal lighting condition as shown in the Official Tweet. The projector is not limiting its usage for Switch only but any other devices that can plug-in with HDMI input.

Technical Specifications:

· Display Technology: Texas Instruments DLP 0.2” DMD LED projection
· Luminance: 200 Lumens
· Resolution: 854*480 Pixel
· Contrast Ratio: >1000:1
· Projection Ratio: 16:9 Projection
· Screen Size: 30”-120”
· Interface: HDMI input, 2 USB 3.0, USB Type-C for input and charging Nintendo Switch,
· Output, 3.5” Line out.
· Speaker output: 5W
· Battery: Panasonic High Capacity Lithium Battery – 3.7V 20400mAh
· Expected play time: 4 hours per charge
· Charging Current: 15V 2.6 A
· PowerBank: 5v/2A output
· Size: Dimensions(mm) 172*80*70
· Cooling fan for DMD projector: 11000 RPM turbo fan

· Cooling fan for NS:7600 RPM fan

If everything goes well, it can reach by gamers’ hand around February 2018.

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