Project Aurora, a mobile version of EVE Online

Fans of EVE Online, the developer CCP Games has teamed up with PlayRaven, to deliver EVE’s epic sci-fi universe known as ‘Project Aurora’ into handheld device during 2018. The new game looks surprisingly like EVE, which was first launched in 2003 and went free-to-play last year as part of its Ascension expansion.

In Project Aurora, players must work together to dominate the center of the galaxy, and become the most powerful corporation in the universe. Project Aurora will be a massively multiplayer​ ​mobile​ ​universe,​ ​filled​ ​with​ ​epic​ ​player​ ​stories.

CCP claims that Project Aurora will contain elements of EVE Online where players cooperate with others online to battle other “corporations” and to control territory. The game will feature epic stories of war and betrayal to emerge, much like they do in Eve Online where the epic stories tell tales of  ships destroyed in battle that cost thousands of real-world dollars. Apparently there won’t be any kind of cross-platform link or play between EVE Online and Project Aurora.

Image result for PROJECT AURORA

Project Aurora will get a soft launch in a few select countries before its worldwide release during 2018. Hopefully the game will enter soft launch in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018.

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