Introducing Virtual Genesis and Virtual Genesis.Paw Paw!

Recently, Aurialite Gaming has a chance to interview one of our Malaysia’s very own pro Counter Strike: Global Offensive team, Virtual Genesis!

Introduction to Virtual Genesis (VG)!

1.     How was Virtual Genesis (VG) formed?

A: In early August last year, Ravi and I(MAJOR) both decided to disrupt the CS:GO scene by introducing a new way of running an e-sports organisation in Malaysia. We believed in picking up young bloods and develop them into an all-rounded athlete by giving them all the support they need to reach their maximum potential. We do not train their skills in game but also teach them how to be a matured adult.

There were many players that came and went but the highlighted few would be Taschvind “Taz” Sielan who is currently playing for Fire Dragoon, Hoc Wah “fayde” Chong is playing for Fallout Gaming and Ding “formless” Joon Wei, is currently playing for NaCI. Despite being very talented players, they left to pursue their own paths.

Our current roster:

Pradeep “Taymore” Naga (Captain)
Andrew “risk^” Chew
Hannan “sovereigN” Hamzah
Kenny “Castle” Lock
Shamir “subbey” Aliff


2.     How was VG.PP formed?

A: One day, Michelle “bear” Chen, asked me if we were interested in having an all-female roster. Of course, without hesitation, we agreed as our goal is to develop new players. This started growing from there.

As for our current roster, we have yet to announce as there are big changes coming to VG.PP.


3.     Who are the managers of the team and what roles do the members play?

A: The team is managed by Ravikaant “rv” Veera. He is also the founder of VG. Our team captain is different from the ingame commander as the captain takes care of the team’s wellbeing rather than the strategies.

Taymore is the captain as well as an entry fragger

risk is the primary AWPer and support player

Castle is our other support player

subbey is an entry fragger

sovereigN is the commander of the team


4.     What are the current achievements of VG and VG.PP?

A: Recently we placed 3rd in the ASUS ROG Masters Malaysia Finals after defeating Orange E-sports and losing to JYP Gaming. The next week however, we got 2nd place at the Zowie Extremesland Malaysia Finals after defeating JYP Gaming and losing in the finals to Fire Dragoon. As for VG.PP they have yet to gain any achievements as they are a newly formed team (plus the roster is not finalised yet)


5.     What drives both VG and VG.PP to play competitively in the pro-scenario?

A: Everyone here believes in the industry and want to make it far doing the things they love rather than going into conventional fields.


6.     What are the past and on-going difficulty/challenges faced, and how will this drive your future?

A: We have made a lot of mistakes in the past when it comes to handling finance and the way we handle our players. Thankfully our players understand that we are all growing together and decide to help us with improving ourselves. In fact, our managers are currently paying out of their pockets to support the players so that they do not have to get part time jobs to sustain their daily expenses.


7.     What are the typical form of training?

A: Scheduling is done by the players themselves, mainly involving deathmatch to train their individual firepower, dry running which help develops strategies and finding unprecedented ways to tackle a certain map or opponent. The most important of them all however, is to scrim(scrimmage) potential opponents to test out the practice they did during dry runs. Basically, it’s a field test before the actual tournaments.


8.     What is the team’s favourite peripherals?

A: Please bear in mind that we are not sponsored by these brands. For headsets, everyone is using HyperX as they produce good headsets for Counter-strike. Mice and keyboard however, our players use a mix of Zowie, Logitech and Razer products although, majority of them uses Zowie mice.


9.     What accomplishment do you believe was the most difficult for you to achieve?

A: For a very long time, it is every Malaysian team’s goal to surpass MVP.Karnal one of the greatest teams Malaysia has ever got to witness. Although this is no longer possible as the team went in different directions last year, the next best thing is to defeat JYP Gaming which has a few MVP.Karnal players. This is however fulfilled at Zowie Extremesland after we defeated them in the Lower bracket finals with a score of 16-3.


10.   What is your approach to managing important projects?

A:  Personally I make sure the players are always comfortable so that they can keep their mind in the game and perform at their best. On top of that, we make sure the players eat and sleep right before every important tournament so that they do not get sick during the tournament.


11.   How do you determine priorities when you have multiple competition due?

A: We find the tournament that has the largest number of good teams and train for that. After all we want to grow and the only way is to go against better teams.


Future Orientation for the team

1.     What is your opinion/advice to other gamers? Those who are casual and those who want to go pro?

For those who want to make this your career, don’t dive head in, just don’t. You will likely get frustrated and lose your direction before you even gain results. Go for it but make sure you have a game plan ready, know what are your goals and learn from those who has been through your path, trust me there are many veterans who would gladly help you out.


2.     Other than CS: GO, what other games (if any) you plan to branch out on in the future?

A: Right now, we’re not looking to branch out at all. But if young players from other games approach us, we would love to pick them up and guide them as we did with our CS players.

3.     Future or goals that VG or VG.PP plans to seek in the near and far future?

A: Right now, for the main line-up, our only goal is to be the best team we can be and the first step to that is becoming the best team in Malaysia. For VG.PP, our goal is to have a steady line-up and work from there.


4.     Any suggestion on changes to be made on the current organization structure?

A: To be more financially organised.


5.     How do VG and VP.GG plan to stay ahead of its competition?

A: We train hard and hope for the best.


Refining topics

1.     Do you think performance or experiences are more important?

A: Sure, skills can bring you far, but experience is what wins games.

2.     Other than being in the pro gaming scene, what other work do VG and VG.PP plan to contribute to in the future?

A: Nothing planned outside of e-sports right now.


Interviewing VG Members

1.     Have your game-playing habits changed over the years?

Taymore: Yes, I’m more disciplined and a better team player overall.

Castle: Yes, I used to be a star player but now I support because I play the support role much better than I did as a star player.

risk: No, I am the AWPer and will always be the AWPer.

subbey: Indeed, over the years my movement and firepower increased and I know how to read opponents better.

sovereigN: I’m a smarter player now because of the experience I’ve gain throughout my career.


2.     How is your relationship with your parents on the topic of e-Sports?

Castle: They used to be against it long ago but after winning my first tournament, their perspective changed. Now they allow me to chase my dreams.

risk: They do not support it, but I believe I will change their mind soon.

sovereign: They allow me to play games but they don’t want it to be my career.

Taymore: Better than expected. Granted I provide results.

Subbey: At first, they don’t approve of me pursuing e-sports as a career but over time, they recognize my achievements and my passion towards e-sports and support me.


3.     What are your passion and motivation for going pro?

Castle: Passion, playing CS for a living. Motivation, the quote “if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a single day in your life.”

risk: Passion, playing CS. Motivation, getting a Valve Major title.

Taymore: I want to get a Valve Major title and I won’t stop until I get it.

Sovereign: I want to prove that I can make e-sports in Malaysia a career despite how tough it is.

Subbey: I want to make the e-sports scene in Malaysia become one of the globally recognized scenes and to qualify a Valve major.


4.     How does your personal relationship outside of work affect the team and team composition?

Castle: Nothing. When it comes to training, I tune out everything personal.

risk: Right now, playing CS is my only priority. Nothing else will affect me or my team.

Taymore: I’m good at segregating my personal time from training, so nothing really affects my training time.

Sovereign: Nothing really affects my training.

Subbey: I prioritize my CS training more than anything because I want to get better and personal relationships only get in the way.



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